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8 Ways to Bring Smile on Elder’s Face

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Due to Amid Corona virus people across the globe are worried about health, Jobs, Education, and earnings. But according to survey and research we found that their main problem is how to bring a smile on the elder’s face.

Aging can cause elders to experience many issues such as lack of mobility, serious health concerns, emotions for their loved ones, and their dreams for the Children. However, doing things to boost their mood can help seniors prevent several age-related issues. Happiness begins with good thoughts and smiles.
Here are some tips to enhance your elderly loved one’s mood and put a smile on his or her face.

1. Play Games and offer a smile

Time to play

Who does not like sports? Boredom is the main cause of unhappiness for seniors. There is no age to play, just to be passionate. Every time they thought about freedom and this freedom associated with the companionship. So be their Companion and hang out with Carrom Board, Cricket, Antakshari, or at home.
This will lighten their mood and You will become their best friend. Smile is the most productive way to banish negative thoughts.

2.  Share Memories

Sweet and Sour talks

Memories may be sweet and sour but if you share with someone it really helps. So if you had a memory of your loved one, a memory of your graduation day or any other pleasant day of your life, share with your grandparents. Now it’s a digital era, you can share and help them to watch with technology. No memory is too small or too big to share. Hearing about the memory could bring a big smile on their face.

3.  Make some good food

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At this time they are suffering from loneliness in itself. Because everyone is busy with their work. But you can feel light if you cook something which they never ate. Like, today’s grandchildren cooked food such as Pasta, Cake, and sweets too for their grandparents. you can get back the lost smile on their face again.

4. Learning is Fun

Learning is fun

Elders are always keen to learn something new. If they have a particular interest, spare your time with them otherwise you help. It includes Video Calls, Pick up the phone, How they can use Online payment mode, or so on. If they don’t know reading then play some Bhajans and Kahani on mobile or television.

5. Ask them for a Life story and create memories

Enjoy the rest life

The older generation has more experience and amazing stories to tell. They can share with you everything. Make memories with the help of stories.

6. Plan a day out

Day out is a good idea for you and your loved ones. Once a month you should enjoy yourself with elders. A good day/Night outing spent with family is always great for all. You may go for an outing to the nearby parks, Restaurant, Camps, and any picnic spot. This will help them to feel happy and lighten. You may plan a trip for them where old age people can enjoy.

7. Do little Makeup

Do little makeup

Motivate them to take care of their personal hygiene. Encourage them to put little makeup and sometimes change their dressing style. Make changes in hairstyles, haircuts, and dresses. Ask them what their favorite dress is or you may discuss the fashion statement of their time too.

8. Make a phone call

Make a phone call

As we know today everyone is having work but a single phonecall may enlighten their mood.  If you are staying apart. keep your 2 minutes for elders, grandparents and tell them about today’s office, school, or college day or listen to them. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget just how much it will mean to a senior if we take time out of our day to say “hello.” Phone calls are a personal way of both saying and showing that YOU CARES.

Written by: Prachi Rathi


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